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Old-Age Home

The Mukta Care Foundation recognizes the importance of supporting elderly citizens and operates initiatives to support old age homes. The foundation's work in this area includes:

Provision of basic needs: The foundation provides support to old age homes to ensure that basic needs such as food, shelter, and medical care are met. This includes support for the maintenance and upkeep of facilities, provision of nutritious meals, and access to medical care and medication.

Social and emotional support: The foundation recognizes that social and emotional support is essential for the wellbeing of elderly citizens. As such, it supports initiatives aimed at promoting social interaction and emotional support for the elderly. This includes support for recreational activities, provision of counseling services, and other initiatives aimed at promoting mental and emotional health.

Advocacy and awareness: The foundation supports advocacy and awareness initiatives aimed at promoting the rights and wellbeing of elderly citizens. This includes support for campaigns to raise awareness about elder abuse and neglect, lobbying for the enactment of laws to protect the rights of elderly citizens, and supporting organizations that advocate for the rights of the elderly

Skills development: The foundation supports initiatives aimed at promoting skills development and vocational training for elderly citizens. This includes support for the development of vocational training programs, the provision of skills training and apprenticeships, and the development of entrepreneurship and business skills.

Overall, the Mukta Care Foundation's work in support of old age homes is critical to promoting the wellbeing of elderly citizens and ensuring that they receive the support and care they need. By supporting initiatives aimed at providing basic needs, promoting social and emotional support, advocating for the rights of the elderly, and promoting skills development, the foundation is helping to create a world where elderly citizens can live with dignity and respect.