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Violence Against Women
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Violence Against Women

The Mukta Care Foundation is committed to ending violence against women, which is a major human rights issue in India and around the world. The foundation has several initiatives aimed at addressing this issue, including:

1. Counseling and support: The foundation provides counseling and support services to women who have experienced violence, including domestic abuse, sexual assault, and harassment. They also offer legal advice and assistance to help women seek justice.

2. Awareness campaigns: The foundation organizes awareness campaigns to educate the public about the impact of violence against women and to promote gender equality. These campaigns aim to change attitudes and behaviors that perpetuate violence against women.

3. Empowerment programs: The foundation runs empowerment programs for women, including vocational training and financial literacy programs, to help women become self-sufficient and reduce their vulnerability to violence.

4. Advocacy and policy reform: The foundation works to advocate for policy reforms and legal changes that protect women's rights and ensure that perpetrators of violence are held accountable.

Overall, the Mukta Care Foundation recognizes that violence against women is a serious human rights issue that affects women's health, safety, and well-being. They are committed to taking action to end this violence and to support women who have experienced it.