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The Mukta Care Foundation also supports labor/employment legal awareness initiatives to ensure that workers are aware of their rights and can protect themselves from exploitation and abuse. The foundation recognizes that labor rights are human rights and is committed to promoting fair labor practices and improving working conditions for all workers.

The foundation's labor/employment legal awareness initiatives include:

1. Awareness campaigns: The foundation organizes awareness campaigns to educate workers about their rights and the importance of fair labor practices. These campaigns aim to empower workers to stand up for their rights and advocate for themselves.

2. Legal clinics: The foundation operates legal clinics where workers can seek legal advice and assistance on labor-related issues. These clinics provide free legal services to workers who may not have access to legal representation otherwise.

3. Capacity building: The foundation offers training and capacity-building programs for workers and labor rights activists to build their knowledge and skills in labor law and advocacy.

4. Advocacy and policy reform: The foundation works to advocate for policy reforms and legal changes that protect workers' rights and improve working conditions.

Overall, the Mukta Care Foundation recognizes the importance of promoting fair labor practices and protecting the rights of workers. They are committed to taking action to improve working conditions and promote labor rights through education, legal support, and advocacy.