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Violence Against Men
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Violence Against Men

While violence against women is more prevalent, it is important to recognize that violence against men also occurs, and that it too is a serious issue. The Mukta Care Foundation, along with other organizations, is committed to supporting victims of violence regardless of their gender.

The Indian penal code also includes provisions that protect men from violence. For example, section 354 deals with assault or criminal force against a person with intent to outrage his modesty, and provides for punishment of up to two years in prison as well as fines. Section 323 deals with voluntarily causing hurt, and provides for imprisonment of up to one year or fines, or both.

In addition to supporting the penal code, the Mukta Care Foundation provides moral and emotional support to victims of violence against men as well. This can include counseling, legal assistance, and other forms of support that can help victims to heal and recover from their experiences.

It is important to note that violence against men is often underreported and stigmatized, and that support services for male victims may not be as readily available as they are for women. However, organizations like the Mukta Care Foundation are working to change this, and to ensure that all victims of violence receive the support and care that they need to heal and recover.